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LaQ Dinosaur World Mosasaurus

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Introducing LaQ Dinosaur World Mosasaurus!

Take a dive into the era of the dinosaurs. This newest addition to the Dinosaur World series is the fierce aquatic reptile, the Mosasaurus. The new ball joints show fantastic movement for all models that can be created with this set!

Build 6 different types of pre-historic creatures, also including the Brontosaurus and the Allosaurus!

320 normal parts and 13 special parts are included in the package. The enclosed guide provides instructions for 6 models you can build. Recommended for ages 7 and above. Made in Japan. SNAP! CLICK! and CREATE!

Package Contents

Normal Pieces: 320 pcs
L No.1: 63 pcs
L No.2: 83 pcs
L No.3: 77 pcs
L No.4: 3 pcs
L No.5: 22 pcs
L No.6: 47 pcs
L No.7: 25 pcs

Special Pieces: 13 pcs
L Hamacron Mini Wheel: 2 pcs
L Hamacron Mini Shaft: 2 pcs
L Ball Joint Part A : 6 pcs
L Ball Joint Part B : 3 pcs

*Includes Instruction Guide

Models Included

The instruction guidebook shows steps to make the following models.
- Saichania
- Archaeopteryx
- Brontosaurus
- Allosaurus
- Plesiosaurus
- Mosasaurus

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