How LaQ Helps Develop Children's Learning

Play and Learn! LaQ makes children's development of essential skills effortless. Here is how LaQ helps advance your kids learning through play.
LaQ effects to the left-brain
  • Enhances logical thinking capability through reading 3D instructional maps, calculating angles and lengths.
  • Nourishes concentration. The snapping sensation of the blocks captivates and immerses the mind, pushing the boundaries of children's focus.
LaQ effects to the right-brain
  • Expands creativity by expanding models or even building new ones! The versatility of the LaQ blocks allows it to be perhaps the most conducive block toy for developing creativity.
  • Artistic Skills are developed through the choices of the beautiful part colours of LaQ.
LaQ development of fine-motor skills
  • Snapping together the pieces train the small muscles of the hands and fingers and fast-track a child's fine motor skills.
LaQ development of communication skills
  • Sharing and explaining a model the child built, as well as working together as a group to build bigger models, nurtures communication, cooperative, and leadership skills.

It's not only powerfully developmental, but also loads of fun! Try LaQ today!

LaQ Effects